Green Gruff

Green Gruff

Order one of our Green Gruff Sample Kits to try with your employee's dogs! Lifetime limit one sample kit per location. 

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All Green Gruff supplements have been developed to target and support the major challenges most dogs will experience in their lifetimes. From restlessness brought on by loud noises or unfamiliar environments, to dry and itchy skin, digestion problems, or hip and joint pains. The great tasting, all-natural chews given daily can provide aid and proactive support for all of these issues.

Available in both non-CBD and CBD formulations, Green Gruff supplements have been developed backed by science and alongside leading nutrionists and veterinarians. By using incredibly nutritious and sustainable cricket protein and natural ingredients, we can ensure dogs are getting the highest quality nutrients available. We didn't just turn supplements that are designed for humans into dog supplements; we started from scratch, researching the best combination of nutrients dogs need for Green Gruff chews.

The best ingredients. The best formulas. The best manufacturing process. The best advisors. All for your dogs' happy and healthy life. That's Green Gruff.