Coastal Pet Products

Coastal Pet Products

  • Orders are shipping in approximately 18 business days (not including weekends and holidays).
  • No minimum order, must order in case packs.
  • Ship FOB from OK.
  • Free shipping on orders over $225 to destinations within the contiguous US; Orders between $225 - $150 will be charged actual freight; Below $150, we will charge a small order fee of $15.
  • International customers must use a freight forwarder within the contiguous US.
  • Accepts Visa, MC and AMEX.
  • For a list of EMAP protected items and detailed information about our policy, please CLICK HERE or email us directly at

Bergan is not a traditional company. Structurally, we have no titles, complicated organization systems or traditional hierarchy. Bergan is built on the idea that people are inspired by a clear sense of direction not a prescribed list of actions. We believe if the right things are in focus, individuals will do the right thing and that discovering ones passion is not only important to job satisfaction but a critical precursor to high expectations.

In practice these philosophies yield unusually bold projects for a small company. Its why our employees accepted the huge challenge to fill the void for travel harness durability safety standards. Rather than complain, they took it on themselves to work with independent labs to write V9DT B2009.1 Pet Safety Durability Test and then invited the entire industry to adopt it. The V9DT effort sparked an ambitious goal of igniting a national movement to inspire the entire country to act responsibly. A compelling vision was shared with several organizations and the Paws-to-Click community movement was born. Writing standards doesn’t provide an immediate financial ROI, but supports our vision when it’s the right thing to do. Pouring valuable resources into a non-profit movement makes no sense to Wall Street, but here the idea of making a big difference is irresistible.

We live and work toward the vision of being: Fun, Inventive, Quantum and Sustainable. Our objective is to have fun while we develop active lifestyle solutions for dog and cat owners. Innovation is an objective within our structures, systems and processes as much as it is in our products.


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