My Intelligent Pets

My Intelligent Pets

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Unleash a Genius within your Pet!

We are dogs, cats and in general pets lovers.
They say the dog is a man's best friend. We are convinced that this phrase is so true and that is why we promote with our work the unity of humans and animals.

We develop intelligent games.
Pets can do many things and have fun when they are challenged. Along with adequate physical exercises pets want to be stimulated intellectually as well.

Our aim is to develop games that are not only challenging but also solvable for your pet at the same time. 

We act and think long-term. Developing and producing intelligent dog games also means dealing with nature in an intelligent manner.

We only use natural and safe materials and put great emphasis on the selection of our manufacturers. Depending on materials used, our products can be composted, burnt or recycled. We are a team of humans and animals. Our team consists of thinkers, creative minds, hobbyists, realists, dreamers and of course pets that love to play.

My Intelligent Pets' games undergo series of stages of development and tests before they become available on the market. One of the most important aspects of the game testing process is "the target group". Besides our own dog, Sarah, there are also many other pets of different breeds, sizes and mentalities, that test the functionality, the durability and the entertainment factor of our products.