• Processing: 15-21 business days Holidays & larger orders may take longer but we try our utmost to ship quick. 
  • $175 Minimum Order
  • We can only ship within the contiguous US
  • Free Ground Freight in the contiguous US on orders over $1000.00
  • Orders $999 or under, freight charges will be 18% of merchandise total. 
  • No listing on Amazon, Ebay Etsy, or other 3rd party websites.
  • Accepts Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover and PayPal
  • Cakes & cupcakes are shipped fresh and must be frozen for merchandising, display, & storage. Good fresh frozen up to 60 days. 
  • Puffs, Donuts, and Dog Candy good for 6 months in original packaging/breathable containers. No refrigeration required but sells well in dry and cold display cases. 
  • ***** July 4th, 2021
    "Love them."

        "They are wonderful! The new packaging is great. My customers love these cakes. One look and they're sold."  
        -Shanna from Simpsonville, KY

  • ***** August 31st, 2021
    "Super customer service!"

        "They are on top of the customer service! Excellent company to order from." 
        -Lori from Vallejo, CA

  • ***** June 11th, 2021

 "Great product and my customers love it."

 Jamison from Eastman, GA

  • ***** April 21st 2021


    "Beautiful products that are selling fast in our shop. Great customer service."
     -Jeffrey from Owensboro, KY


We bake happiness! Dog Cake Bakery LLC was founded with passion to provide healthy, beautiful, and delicious dog treats. Our dog bakery collection was created with Veterinary guidance to ensure that recipes are healthy, grain free, and ingredients are USDA/FDA approved. 

A Pet Industry Veteran since 2006; Leél Michelle previously owned an award winning (1st place "Americas Coolest Store" & cover of Pets+ Magazine) brick & mortar pet boutique, grooming salon (sold to former employee & Groomer on "Pooch Purrfect" Gabriel Feitosa,) and pet bakery. Leél also founded Retro Stylist Wear providing premium and stylish pet grooming apparel for the pet & barbar industry. Leel loves giving back to the pet industry with trade show speaking engagements on how to improve grooming salons, retail merchandising, and store design at SuperZoo, Barkleigh Productions, and Global Pet Expo.