Dog Mocs

Dog Mocs

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Become part of selling a truly Revolutionary paw protection! Finally, there’s a product that solves every major problem and complaint found with all other products on the market, and yet creates none of its own!!

Dogs will actually wear them: the Soft Feel of Dog Mocs allows the dog to “feel” the ground as they would without shoes. Typical products, with rubber soles, take away a dog’s sense of touch, which is why they hate wearing them. But Dog Mocs are made from soft Deerskin, which means the paws feel and operate naturally.

Never Falls Off: Everyone is frustrated by the constant loss of typical shoes, which easily fall off as a dog runs or plays, or travels through thick brush; and forget going through a river or deep snow! But the patented design of the Dog Mocs never falls off, no matter the terrain, weather, or activity.

Tough and Durable: Don’t let the soft feel fool you. Deerskin, which is known as nature’s best leather, is super tough and durable. Dogs’ paws are always protected from sharp objects, jagged rocks, hot pavement, and any weather condition nature throws your way.

Tested and Approved: Dog Mocs have been put through many strenuous tests by some of the toughest dogs in America…..K-9’s in the US military, law enforcement, and Search & Rescue have all put them through rigorous trials and Dog Mocs passed with flying colors. Teams in all these fields currently use Dog Mocs.

Proven in pet stores: Over 60% of stores who hear about Dog Mocs decide to put them on the shelf.

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