Wet Noses Inc.

Wet Noses Inc.

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  • Our treats have a 24-month shelf life
  • Wet Noses Natural Inc. products may not be sold on third party websites such as Amazon and Ebay." or "No 3rd Party reselling. EBay, Amazon, etc.

Wet Noses Dog Food Company was founded in 1998 with the intent of providing dogs with the best quality treats and dog food. With that concept in mind, we use 100% organic ingredients, bake our product in convection ovens for easy digestion, package our product in environmentally friendly packaging, and run our bakery with the planet in mind.

Our profound love for our own animals has become the basis for providing yours with nourishing, truly natural foods. All of our human grade ingredients come from reputable suppliers, and all of our ingredients are farmed on US soil.


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