The Kenyan Collection

The Kenyan Collection

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In business since 2004, The Kenyan Collection is US owned and combines two passions – our pets and the incredible beadwork of the Maasai in Kenya.  Income from the sales of their creations encourages the Maasai to continue their culture of beading and pass those skills on to the younger generation.  Because of economic issues, there is pressure to abandon their traditional lifestyle and migrate to the city to find employment which would be a tremendous cultural loss for all of us.

 The collars are as durable as they are beautiful, confirmed by our own experience and that of happy customers who send stories of swimming adventures, and romping in the elements in our collars over many years (we also offer a one year guarantee with normal wear and tear).

Who benefits and the product impact:
• Environmental - Buckles are hand cast from recycled brass; leather in Kenya is a byproduct of the meat industry and skins would otherwise end up in landfills; all processing meets industry environmental standards;
• Social - We are for profit…of the Kenyans. Operating costs in the US are minimal with the greatest cost being airfreight. Kenya is a large importer of equipment from the US, creating many jobs for Americans so the social and economic impact of a prosperous and stable Kenya helps Americans as well.