Taj Ma-Hound Bakery for Dogs

Taj Ma-Hound Bakery for Dogs

  • Drop ship orders accepted. Please contact us if you need to place a dropship order so we can lower the order minimum. No drop ship fee, but actual shipping charges apply.
  • There is a $100 minimum opening order requirement for stocking retailers, $50 minimum for reorders.
  • AS OF NOV 20, 2020 Current turn around time is 12 business days once order is received.
  • Accepts Visa, MC, PayPal, Amex, Discover
  • We charge Fed Ex Ground freight from our facility in GA
  • Our products are all natural and made in the USA!
  • Please report any breakage to Taj Ma-Hound at orders@tajmahound.com
  • 3rd party resellers may not price products lower than our site

Unimpressed with the ingredients in store-bought treats a dog loving baker took matters into her own hands founding Taj Ma-Hound. With a lots of research, fresh healthy ingredients and two eager Chief Tasting Officers the AWARD WINNING PeaMutt Butter Treat was created.  Since 2004 we've perfected our flour and peanut butter recipe and with carob and yogurt icing offer treats for birthdays, beach themes, holidays and even Yappy Hours.  If it's a custom treat you need we make our own cutters and gladly accept custom requests.

For questions feel free to contact us at 404-377-9220.

All ingredients are restaurant quality and sourced from food distributors with all ingredients from the USA.  Baked and shipped from GA.  


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