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Scout & Zoe’s

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Scout & Zoe’s is all about pets. We absolutely love all pets and everything about them; they are our passion. And that is the single reason why Scout & Zoe’s exists.

Scout & Zoe's creates protein, bakery and veggie treats that are sourced and produced here in the USA. Made from human grade raw ingredients, these treats ROCK! They are so safe, I EAT them! These are the yummiest treats in the universe!

Our premium antler chews are rugged, durable and won’t splinter like bones will. The chews contain no chemicals or preservatives and are not irradiated. Antler chews are great for dogs who are big chewers as well as for dogs with allergies. Sourced from wild shed USA elk antlers.  All of our antler products are a natural source of calcium and phosphorous. So our chews are actually good for your furry pal. 

We have expanded our product assortment to include antler products for birds and small animals. They deserve a great chew, too. 

Yes, we are all about pets and keeping them happy, and healthy!


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