Waggin Water / Yappy Hour - Functional Dog Beverages

Waggin Water / Yappy Hour - Functional Dog Beverages

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Waggin Water and Yappy Hour are America's favorite dog beverage brands. Each brand is founded and ran by a lifetime beverage entrepreneur and dog dad, Drew Whited. 

Drew's vision is to turn the dog's water bowl into a resource for providing them with extra benefits and fun, and he's finding creative ways to do just that.

Waggin Water was created in 2020 and offers ready-to-drink functional dog water blends in sustainable Tetra Pak 1L and 12oz aluminum cans. What Gatorade, Vita Coco, and AG1 did for human hydration, Waggin Water is doing for dog hydration. 

Waggin Water has a line of supplement infused waters such as CBD Water for Dogs, Dental Water for Dogs, Calming Water for Dogs, Hip & Joint Water for Dogs, and so on. 

Waggin Water also has an all natural line of fruit-infused waters such as Coconut Water for Dogs, Watermelong Water for Dogs, Apple-Infused Water for Dogs, and more.

Yappy Hour was created in 2024 as a sister brand to Waggin Water. Yappy Hour makes "doggy drinks that look like human booze". Bark Light Dog Beer, DROOLY Dog Seltzer, Belly Rub Rosé Dog Wine, Ay Chihuahua! Dog Tequila, etc.

Each Yappy Hour product is powered by dog friendly blends such as Coconut Water for Dogs, CBD Water for Dogs, Watermelon Infused Water for Dogs, Apple Infused Water for Dogs, etc. 

Yappy Hour is great for parties, events, celebrations, gifts, gotcha days, and so much more. If you own a pet store, boutique, truck, dog bar, dog bakery, or anything similar-- Yappy Hour is a no brainer and will sell very well at your location.


Between Waggin Water and Yappy Hour, we can cover all of your dog hydration needs and your cutsomers will love our products!