Hairball Buster
Hairball Buster

Hairball Buster

from Fidobiotics

Human grade, gmo-free, gluten free

Hairball supplement probiotic powder for cats with 2 billion CFUs, 1 prebiotic and 3 probiotic strains, flax seed, and fish oil to help reduce hairballs.

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Hairball Buster is the natural aha-moment to an age old problem. It is packed with 2 billion CFUs of probiotic powder per serving  that enjoys the combination of prebiotics, as well as fish oil, and flax seed which may help your cat pass hair before it becomes a hairball. In addition, the Hairball Buster helps promote healthy skin and coat. Our product is Gluten Free, Grain Free, GMO Free, and made in the USA. 



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Hairball Buster


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