Ruff Ruff & Meow™

Ruff Ruff & Meow™

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Ruff Ruff & Meow brings you lightweight, comfortable, hip & humorous tank tops, hoodies, and bandanas for your dog. Colors include Red, White, Baby Blue, Olive Green, Pink & Black with a wide range of “sayings” that reflect your dog’s inner personality!

“Excellent Quality from start to finish!” We use 100% cotton, sourced locally. All of our products are made in the USA. Each shirt is garment dyed which not only makes colors pop but also inhibits colors from running or fading when washed. Each garment is pre-washed to prevent shrinkage. In addition, no embellishment is ever glued on! Each embellishment has a backing to them. Our shirts are made to last and will withstand multiple washings and wearings. Our goal and commitment is always to quality and to welcome our customers back time and time again as repeat customers.

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