Favorite Pet Products, Inc.

Favorite Pet Products, Inc.

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Your wholesale supplier of Enchantacat Premium Catnip and Toys, Tiger Dreamz Luxury Pet Beds & Tiki Toys.

Tiger Dreamz Luxury Pet Beds and Pet Throws
So soft and Luxurious, we have been asked if the fur is real fur. We would never use real fur in any of our products! but Tiger Dreamz Luxury Pet Beds are created to mimic the feel, beauty and softness of real fur. That is why pets naturally gravitate to them and sleep wherever you put your Tiger Dreamz Luxury Pet bed.

Enchantacat Organic Catnip
Even the most finicky catnip connoisseurs have been described as being passionate about their Enchantacat.

Enchantacat Tiki Toys
Cat and dog toys for entertainment, exercise & just pure fun.

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