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How It Started
Thundershirt's founder's dog, Dosi, is a 10-year-old, 50-pound mutt who is very lovable and will make friends with anyone. But Dosi was a nightmare with loud noises… thunderstorms, 4th of July, etc. Even when the skies were clear, her family would know that a thunderstorm was coming by Dosi’s behavior. When a storm was approaching, Dosi’s tail went between the legs and the shakes began. If it was during the night, she would keep her family awake for hours. They visited three different veterinarians over the years to find a remedy. The only suggestion was to sedate Dosi, but even the veterinarians didn’t think drugs were an effective solution. You had to anticipate the storm by 1-2 hours for the sedatives to take effect; not an easy task for storms that arrive in the night. And worse, while sedated, dogs can be very unstable on their legs and become a danger to themselves. Dosi would try to jump off the bed and risked breaking a leg, and she would remain groggy and unstable for a long time after the storms had past. So after a couple of uses, the sedatives were set aside.

But then they heard about an alternative approach to relieving noise anxiety...the unique approach now offered by ThunderShirt. It was amazing. With the very first usage, within two minutes, Dosi’s shakes had practically disappeared, and she lay down. And ThunderShirt's gentle pressure relieves many other anxieties too.

ThunderWorks Gives Back!
Anxiety is a serious problem for millions of dogs. And dogs that have been rescued by one of the thousands of terrific rescue groups across the country, or turned into one of the thousands of animal shelters have a much higher rate of anxiety issues. Many dogs are turned in or abandoned BECAUSE they suffer from anxiety...their anxiety symptoms can be very destructive or hard to manage for many dog owners if they don’t have the resources or knowledge to help their suffering pets. ThunderWorks is donating ThunderShirts and thousands of dollars to help these organizations manage their dogs' anxieties and find them good homes.

If you would like to see our products in action, take a look at our YouTube channel.

Please Note: Retailers are NOT obligated to offer the Satisfaction Guarantee, but if offered, ThunderWorks Company will stand behind it and will provide a full refund of the wholesale price for any units returned to the Retailer within the 45-day return period.

For any returns, the retailer may donate the item to a local animal shelter or rescue group, and email proof of donation to us at with the customer name, style and size of Thundershirt returned, date of purchase, date of return, and reason for return.  With this, we will be able to apply a credit towards a future purchase or send a replacement ThunderShirt to you.

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