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SimplyFido® is working on an exciting new collection for the Spring of 2020.

We apologize for the inconvenience, we have run out of the old toy styles.

Our pets are always chewing on something. From the time they are pups, they, like babies, love to put things in their mouths. Sometimes it’s a dog toy—other times, it’s not! With our beloved companions munching away, we wondered, “what exactly are they putting in their mouths? Is it safe and non-toxic?” Even a “non-toxic” toy left us wondering, “Do I want my pet chewing on toys that have PVC (polyvinyl chloride, a toxic chemical) in the plastic? Do I want him ingesting processed materials or those made using pesticides and growth hormones?” Surely if we wanted the best for our pet, we wouldn’t want him putting these materials in his body.

Mission Statement: Our goal at SimplyFido® is to provide a healthier alternative to the everyday products that surround our furry best friends. Just like you, we understand that you are concerned with the well-being, nurturing and safety of pets. Therefore, we seek to provide an improved environment for pets by offering a better playing experience, meanwhile contributing to the preservation of the Earth in which they play. Click here to read about our Pure Water Wash™ process for making our colors.

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