Super Easy Ear Wipes - 50 pads- from TrueBlue
Super Easy Ear Wipes - 50 pads- from TrueBlue

Super Easy Ear Wipes - 50 pads- from TrueBlue

from TrueBlue

Lemon & Marigold for safe, yet effective cleaning.

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Ear infections are the #1 cause of visits to the Vet, even though they’re mainly preventable with a little bit of care.

Most pet lovers find our Ear Wipes much easier to use that ear cleaning powders or liquids.
We use hard working textured pads and an all-natural cleansing solution with Lemon and Marigold.

  • Lemon cleans away dirt and deposits while promoting healthy blood vessels
  • Marigold softens and soothes the delicate skin in your pets ear


Our products feature the purest botanical ingredients and fresh, natural scents in formulas that deliver real results. We worked with top Vets at a leading university to select the best pet-friendly botanical ingredients.








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Super Easy Ear Wipes - 50 pads- from TrueBlue


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