• Orders normally ship within 3-4 business days from VA
  • Case Packs are the only Minimum Order Requirement
  • Contiguous US Freight on 1-2 case orders is 10% of merchandise cost, on 3-5 case orders it is 5%, and free freight on 6+ case orders.
  • Accepts Visa & MC, American Express & Discover
  • MeatMe products cannot be sold on third party sites such as Amazon and eBay

MeatMe® has discontinued their line of pet treats and toppers. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

MeatMe offers single ingredient, dehydrated, certified organic, and Certified Humane jerky and toppers for cats and dogs from our own Ayrshire Farm and carefully selected partner farms. Our company is truly vertically integrated, insuring unparalleled traceability and transparency.

From our farm to their bowls, MeatMe supports the well-being of your pets and the well-being of the planet. Our guiding principles are transparency and traceability. Our regenerative, sustainable, and humane farming practices are backed by decades of responsible organic farming. As one of the only vertically integrated pet food and treat manufacturers in the U.S., we have unparalleled control over every step of our manufacturing process.

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