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Safe & Sound 4-in-1 Harness
Safe & Sound 4-in-1 Harness

Safe & Sound 4-in-1 Harness

from SmartPetLove

This harness with a Real Feel Heartbeat is perfect for anxiety relief, restraint, storing treats/bags, and of course walking and jogging.

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The SnugglePuppie 4-in-1 harness works in 4 different ways!

1. Relieves anxiety: Because canines (dog/puppy) are pack animals, they generally love to be with another beating heart, thus the popularity of the SnugglePuppies since 1997. The heartbeat acts as a litter mate to reduce sources of fear and anxiety (thunder, fireworks, separation, loneliness, depression). And now to help with canine anxiety in public, in the home, on the go, at the kennel, during a storm or fireworks we use the same real feel heartbeat from the SnugglePuppie in the front chest pocket of this harness!

2. Restraint: The 4-in-1 Harness easily clicks into a vehicles seat belt socket, reducing pet to driver distractions, jumping out or around in the vehicle and reducing risk of injury during quick stops. Caution: This product was not designed to protect you or your pet in the event of a vehicle crash. Seek alternative products that have been designed and tested for crash worthiness if injury protection is your intent..

3. Walking/jogging: The device is the perfect walking/jogging harness. You may quickly and easily attach a leash either to the safety strap, or the ring on the back of the harness.

4. Storage: When the heartbeat is not needed, the front pouch can be used to hold training treats or waste bags



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Safe & Sound 4-in-1 Harness


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