Arctick Tick Killer

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Arctick Tick Killer
  • Arctick Tick Killer
  • Arctick Tick Killer

M2Pets is proud to announce the debut of Arctick™ a brand new product that is winning the war on ticks. There are at least 10 known diseases associated with tick bites, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, and more recently, anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis. Arctick™ was designed to help prevent the spread of these diseases, and others which may occur during the removal of the tick.

Arctick™ is a non-toxic spray produced in an FDA registered facility; it instantly freezes and kills ticks on contact. By immobilizing the tick before removal, you effectively stop the transmission of diseased fluids from the tick. Arctick™ is not a chemical but a 100% safe freezing agent. Each 1.5 oz vial has enough killing power for over 200 ticks.

Arctick™ has been tested in the entomological laboratories at the University of California Davis and has been proven to kill 100% of ticks on contact. It has also been proven to be 100% safe for your pets. You simply spray the tick from the uniquely designed metered valve and the tick is instantly frozen... and killed. Once the tick is sprayed, it can easily be removed with the included tweezers. Gone are the days of pulling with your bare hands, using heating techniques, salves, or trying to “dig-out” the tick below the skins surface. These traditional approaches are dangerous and can lead to the transmission of diseased fluids back into the wound.

Arctick™ kills the tick by instantly freezing any potentially dangerous fluids that can harm your pet. Spot on treatments are never 100% effective and will not always protect your pet from the transmission of these potentially fatal fluids. Arctick™ is a breakthrough in technology and is now the most effective way to kill and remove these pests.

We are happy to offer this breakthrough in the war on ticks to you.

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We regret to tell you, m2pets has closed and their product line is no longer available.


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