Thundershirt Display Unit holds up to 5 Thundershirts

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Thundershirt Display Unit holds up to 5 Thundershirts

The perfect retail display for generating interest with your customers and clients. The Jack Russell mannequin wears an XS Thundershirt that clients can take off and put back on. The shirt is stitched to the mannequin at a single point to keep it with the display but still allows clients to try fastening and unfastening the straps. The dog is cabled to the acrylic box to keep it with the display. This display features: • An actual XS Thundershirt on dog mannequin. • Clear Acrylic box that holds up to five (5) Thundershirts (sold separately). • Holder for 50 brochures. Comes with 100 brochures. • Easily sits on a counter or retail shelf.

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