Fundle® Classic Black - SOLD OUT - INACTIVE

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Fundle® Classic Black - SOLD OUT - INACTIVE

Fundle® is the most comfortable, safe and convenient hands-free pet carrier available in the market. Fundle® is not just a piece of cloth, but is engineered to fulfill the physical and behavioral needs of pets. Its patented design (PCT# KR0802021) and a wide range of colors and patterns satisfies the pets and owners who know the best. Classic Series: Polyester 100% 5 Colors in 3 sizes (Mini - for pet up to 3.5lbs, Standard - for pet up to 11lbs, and Large - for pet up to 18lbs) Washable.

Suggested Retail Price: $100.00 to $110.00 ea
Sku: grm-FD-202

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