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Step-In SwiftLock Harness
Step-In SwiftLock Harness
Step-In SwiftLock Harness
Step-In SwiftLock Harness

Step-In SwiftLock Harness

from Gold Paw Series

Step-in body harness with magnetic buckle.

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Introducing the new Goldpaw Step-In SwiftLock Harness! Featured in our most popular colors, patterns, and coordinating stripes. These vibrant collars are composed of super soft 100% recycled polyester tubular webbing, are fully adjustable, very sturdy, and feature a simple step-in design. The best part? Our magnetic SwiftLock buckle that makes gearing up for walk-time a breeze! Clip the leash to the two shoulder D’s or to the ring in the front!

It's the easiest to use buckle we've ever seen. Simply move the sides near each other and the super strong magnets inside close the latch for you. To remove, give the pull tab a tug and voila! The design is super safe; the more tension put on the ends, the greater the force required to open it - it's self securing!

Our stripes are comprised of beloved GoldPaw fleece colors:

Canyon (Garnet, Avocado, Chestnut, Charcoal)

Riverbed (Marine, Grass, Charcoal, Navy)

Sunset (Blaze, Eggplant, Coral, Fuchsia)



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Made in the USA

Gold Paw Series

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  • Opening order minimum requirement $200.00
  • Accepts Visa, MC, Disc, and AMEX
  • US orders only, please email us if you would like to order from outside the US.
  • Online only stores, please contact Gold Paw Series directly at info@goldpawseries.com, to place your order(s).
  • Gold Paw Series is not accepting 3rd party accounts (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.) or dropship accounts.

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Step-In SwiftLock Harness

Gold Paw Series

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