Kitty Caps
Kitty Caps

Kitty Caps

from Fetch... for Pets!

Kitty Caps Assorted

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No more snags. No more scratches. Love your cat up close!

A safe alternative to declawing, Kitty Caps prevents damage to furniture caused by your cat’s claws. These vinyl resin caps are safe, easy to apply, and stop all snags and scratches.

40 Kitty Caps, 2 Adhesive Tubes, 2 Application Tips

Available in:
XSmall (Under 5 lbs), Small (6-8 lbs), Medium (9-13), Large (13+)

Care Instructions:
Trim cat’s nails so that Kitty Caps will be able to cover the nail completely.Fill no more than 50% of each Kitty Cap with adhesive.Try t expose as much of the cat’s claw as possible and apply cap to nail.Keep cat steady for about 5 minutes to allow the cap to set properly.

After application, you pet's claws can extend and retract without any disturbance. Kitty Caps will fall off as you cats nails grow and shed generally 4-8 weeks after application.

Do not allow pet to lick until product has dried. Healthy cats will shed their nails every 4-8 weeks. Kitty Caps remaining in place after 8 weeks should be removed so that nails to not grow too long inside cap.



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Kitty Caps

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